Angel Di Maria is currently preparing for what will be one of his last games with the Argentine national team. Regardless of the team’s performance under coach Lionel Scaloni, there will be a final or a match for third and fourth place. Di Maria, who has fought for years to achieve victory wearing the blue and white jersey, aims to bid farewell by leaving a lasting mark and adding another trophy to the AFA’s collection. Before facing this bittersweet moment that will bring about nostalgia for his imminent departure, he overcame torments that nearly made him give up all his efforts. From the moment a youth coach told him he would never make it to the first team, to the injuries in crucial matches that led him to undergo therapy and even confront his family, who embodied his suffering after every defeat and harsh criticism.

Di Maria’s journey with the national team has been marked by resilience. Those close to him have often spoken about how he overcame adversities and grew both as a player and as a person. His psychological treatment helped him overcome mental challenges and perform better in crucial moments. Di Maria faced his first challenge with the national team during the 2007 World Cup in Canada, where he was part of the winning U-20 team. Despite a muscle injury preventing him from playing in the final against the Czech Republic, he always managed to bounce back.

In 2014, Di Maria suffered a tear during the quarter-finals of the World Cup in Brazil, missing the final against Germany. Despite the criticism and doubts surrounding his injuries, his friend Alexis Amarillo described him as a dedicated player who always strives to win, whether on the field or off it. Di Maria’s family, known for their privacy, has been a source of support and strength for him throughout his career. His wife, Jorgelina Cardoso, his parents, and his sisters have been there for him during the most challenging times, offering comfort and encouragement.

Facing a critical moment in his career, Di Maria’s determination and performance led to his return to the national team. He proved his worth on the field and sent a clear message to Scaloni and his critics. With his quality and commitment, he earned his place back in the team and continued to excel. As he prepares to face Canada in the semi-finals, there is a possibility that he will play alongside Messi once again, showcasing his skills and experience for the team’s success.

As Di Maria nears the end of his time with the national team, he will have the opportunity to once again become the hero that fans around the world admire. With his resilience, dedication, and support from his loved ones, he aims to retire from the national team with another title to his name. The upcoming games will test his skills and determination, but with his family by his side and his unwavering commitment, Di Maria is ready to face the challenges ahead and leave a lasting legacy in Argentine football.