Nuevo Embarazo en la Familia de Tamara Falcó

The family of Tamara Falcó, one of the most well-known and beloved families in Spanish high society, has announced an exciting new addition. Tamara, the Marquesa of Griñón, captured the public’s attention through her appearances on social media, shows like ‘Masterchef,’ collaborations on ‘El Hormiguero,’ and even her own Netflix documentary. However, it wasn’t until the scandal involving her husband, Iñigo Onieva, and his infidelity just months before their wedding that her name truly dominated conversations.

Months later, following a highly praised reconciliation, they tied the knot on July 8th of last year and embarked on the challenging journey of parenthood. Since then, several family members have announced they are expecting, expanding the family tree in various directions, from Tamara’s sister, Ana Boyer, to the recent announcement by Álvaro Castillejo and his wife, Cristina Fernández.

The news, first reported by the magazine ¡Hola!, has sparked an outpouring of congratulations and joy within the Preysler family circle, where the father is a cousin of the renowned Tamara Falcó. The couple, who celebrated their marriage in a beautiful ceremony in Sotogrande in 2022, is three months along and eagerly awaiting the arrival of their child next autumn.

They have chosen to name their son Nicolás, in honor of Cristina’s father, a decision that has deeply moved Isabel Preysler, Álvaro’s aunt, with whom she shares a special bond since her father’s passing in 2011. This joyful anticipation fulfills a dream for Álvaro and Cristina, who have openly expressed their desire to start a family since their first wedding anniversary. According to Álvaro, «It’s about time we became parents. After the typical first year of marriage full of excitement, it’s time to start a family and enter a different kind of life that we also look forward to.»

While the couple is thrilled about their first child’s arrival, they have not yet decided if they wish to expand their family further. Álvaro mentioned, «We’ll start with one, and then, God will decide. Perhaps we’ll love the idea and end up with a large family.»