Harold Mayne-Nicholls states that «not much is needed» in infrastructure to apply for the 2036 Olympics

In a recent interview with CNN Chile, the director of Santiago 2036, Harold Mayne-Nicholls, shared his thoughts on Chile’s potential bid for the 2036 Olympic Games. Following President Gabriel Boric’s announcement during the 2024 State of the Nation address that Chile would seek to host the 2036 Olympics, Mayne-Nicholls expressed that the country does not require significant infrastructure upgrades to support such an event. He emphasized the positive impact of hosting these sporting events on the citizens, stating that they aim to «recover the Chile we want» and foster unity within the nation.

Mayne-Nicholls highlighted the potential benefits of hosting the Olympics, emphasizing that it could serve as a catalyst for national unity and progress. While acknowledging the importance of infrastructure in hosting such large-scale events, he expressed confidence in Chile’s existing facilities and resources to support the Games effectively.

The prospect of Chile hosting the 2036 Olympics has generated excitement and optimism among the population. Many view it as an opportunity to showcase the country’s cultural richness, natural beauty, and hospitality on a global stage. Additionally, hosting the Olympics could provide a significant economic boost and create numerous job opportunities across various sectors.

As Chile prepares to submit its bid for the 2036 Olympics, stakeholders are eager to demonstrate the country’s readiness and enthusiasm to host the prestigious event. With a strong emphasis on sustainability, inclusivity, and legacy, Chile aims to present a compelling case for why it should be chosen as the host nation for the 2036 Olympic Games.

In conclusion, Harold Mayne-Nicholls’ remarks underscore Chile’s commitment to pursuing the opportunity to host the 2036 Olympics while highlighting the nation’s existing strengths and resources. As the bidding process unfolds, Chile’s vision for the Games aligns with the goal of promoting unity, progress, and inclusivity on a global scale.