Elena Fortabat Breaks Silence and Reveals How Her Daughter, Carolina Oltra, Dealt with Rumors of Infidelity by Her Husband: «She Didn’t Want to Leave the House»

In a recent interview with «Intrusos,» Elena Fortabat, the mother of model Carolina Oltra, addressed the scandal surrounding the alleged infidelity of her son-in-law, Emanuel Moriatis, and shed light on her daughter’s current state. Dismissing the rumors of separation and infidelity, Fortabat stated that her daughter is at home with her husband and children, emphasizing that nothing has happened. She expressed disbelief at the gossip surrounding Manu Urcera, the husband of Nicole Neumann, and condemned the negative impact it has had. Despite claims made by Guido Zaffora, the former model reiterated that her daughter’s husband is by her side, attributing the rumors to a smear campaign within the car racing community aimed at tarnishing his reputation. Fortabat revealed the emotional toll the situation took on her daughter, sharing that Carolina felt devastated and expressed a desire to avoid public scrutiny. Despite the challenges faced by the family, Fortabat reassured that «Caro is doing well with him, and he is doing well with her,» highlighting their strong bond amidst the controversy.

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In the midst of swirling rumors and speculation, Elena Fortabat’s candid revelations provide insight into the personal struggles faced by her family. Despite external pressures and challenges, the unwavering support and love shared between Carolina Oltra and her husband serve as a testament to their resilience in the face of adversity.