Spanish Bullfighter Escribano Takes Home Two Ears from Enclasado Bull –

The bullring in Vera, Almería, was the stage for a bullfight this Sunday afternoon featuring three renowned bullfighters who had made their mark in the recently concluded San Isidro Fair. Manuel Escribano, Borja Jiménez, and Jorge Martínez took center stage at six o’clock to face bulls from the Julio de la Puerta ranch.

Escribano received the first bull, a black mulatto with noble characteristics but limited strength, with a long traditional pass. After a series of skillful maneuvers, he delivered a precise sword thrust in the right spot, earning him two ears from the judges.

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The bullfight took place at the Vera bullring in Almería, with a decent turnout despite the sweltering heat and a slight breeze. The bulls from Julio de la Puerta were well presented, providing a challenging but fair fight for the matadors.

In the end, it was Manuel Escribano who stole the show with his exceptional performance, showcasing his skills and bravery to earn the coveted prize of two ears from the judges. The crowd was thrilled by his display of artistry and control in the face of the powerful animal.

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In conclusion, the bullfight in Vera was a testament to the timeless tradition of bullfighting in Spain, with Manuel Escribano emerging as the star of the evening. His mastery of the art form and his connection with the audience solidified his reputation as one of the top bullfighters in the country.

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