No Te Va Gustar celebrates 30 years and keeps touring: We are in an open… and healthy relationship | Music | La Voz del Interior

No Te Va Gustar never imagined that more than two decades after their first visit to Córdoba, they would be celebrating 30 years of a successful career not only in Argentina and Uruguay but also in the United States, Europe, and the rest of Latin America.

«The first time was frustrating,» recalls Emiliano Brancciari at La Voz’s office, while his bandmate, trombonist and vocalist Denis Ramos, remembers that «accident-prone» night with a smile. «We came here as guests of a band from Buenos Aires to open a show, but we couldn’t play due to a blackout,» says the Uruguayan vocalist and guitarist about a performance at Casa Babylon that was later redeemed in the same venue. «The second time, we had our audience, and it was fantastic,» Brancciari adds in anticipation of a special birthday celebration with back-to-back shows in Mediterranean lands.

For No Te Va Gustar, celebrating so many years in a project that has been a significant part of their lives brings happiness. «It’s like anyone living with something that accompanies them: we are used to our lives being the band as well,» says the singer, highlighting that everything so far has been very natural, always enjoying the journey.

One of the first things that come to mind when they think of their early visits to Córdoba is the special relationship they developed with the locals. Brancciari explains, «We believe there is something with the audience here, but the audience also has something with us.» Ramos adds, «There is a special chant that people have for us. It creates a unique empathy and something special because it’s only here in Córdoba.»

The band has a history of touring the interior of Argentina and will be in San Francisco this Friday. Brancciari shares, «We like going, knowing, and playing in the corner of your house. There are wonderful places where people are eager to see live music, and we try to reach there.» Speaking of tours, next week they will be in Europe, and Ramos explains, «We went without technicians, only the musicians, we set up the stage, played, packed up, traveled, did everything, and that gave us a good endurance. ‘Here it’s just us, and we have to move forward.'»

As they celebrate their 30th anniversary, No Te Va Gustar has begun sharing a collection of unreleased material. «We have a lot of material that it’s good to share; otherwise, it stays there,» says Brancciari. They are sorting through their archives to share memories and experiences with their fans.

Looking forward, the band plans to move to a new studio, prepare a new album, and hit the road again. «It’s our way of life: creating new music, going out to defend it, with space for classics but trying to play the songs that represent us at the moment,» says Brancciari.

Don’t miss No Te Va Gustar’s performance this Friday in San Francisco and Saturday at Plaza de la Música in Córdoba. Get your tickets and be part of the celebration of a band that has left its mark on Latin America and beyond.