Imanol Arias’ Important Project Leads to Pact with Prosecution

Imanol Arias, the renowned actor from the hit series Cuéntame Cómo Pasó, has recently concluded a significant chapter in his life by reaching an agreement with the prosecution. This agreement has allowed him to evade the civil responsibilities that were being demanded of him. Following a challenging emotional week marked by his appearance before the judge in the Summaria Case at the National Court of Madrid, Arias now sets his sights on a promising professional project overseas. Look magazine has obtained exclusive details about this exciting venture.

The actor’s situation was far from simple, as he faced allegations of a €2.7 million tax fraud through a prominent law firm. The public prosecutor sought a 27-year prison sentence for Arias, separate from the penalty requested for his colleague Ana Duato. However, his compliance agreement comes after admitting to the fraud, resulting in a sentence of less than two years in prison – thus avoiding incarceration – and a fine of €25,000. Additionally, Arias recently paid €275,801.04 to settle the debt (including late payment interest) incurred between 2010-2014.

With his legal obligations resolved, Imanol Arias now turns his attention to his immediate project: a theater production in Argentina. He is set to resume performances of «Mejor no decirlo» alongside Argentine actress Mercedes Morán next Wednesday. During his time at the National Court, Arias’ primary concern was the potential impact on his theatrical commitments. He openly expressed the disruption caused by his court appearance, stating, «The only circumstance is that I am working in Buenos Aires. I have sold-out theater shows until the end of July, and every day that I cancel, people from Montevideo, Santiago de Chile, Lima attend. Canceling tickets for people with weekend packages is complicated, but it is no longer my problem. We will try to do our best.»

Despite initial plans for a performance on Friday, June 7th, both Arias and the organizers have opted to postpone the weekend shows until Wednesday, June 12th. Nevertheless, there are still available tickets for purchase through official channels, priced between 17,000 and 35,000 pesos (equivalent to 17-35 euros). The Pablo Neruda theater at Paseo La Plaza in Buenos Aires will host this production, where Arias, a beloved figure in Argentina, shares the stage with his co-star. Together, they portray a married couple navigating the challenges of time with grace, raising thought-provoking questions about honesty and communication.

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