PP Secures Decisive Victory in European Elections in Majadahonda

In the recent European elections in Majadahonda, the Partido Popular (PP) has emerged victorious with a significant 56.04% of the votes. This marks a substantial increase of 24.49 points compared to the 2019 elections, where they garnered 11,447 votes. This time around, the PP has secured 19,180 votes, solidifying their position as the leading political force in this Madrid municipality.

The Partido Socialista Obrero Español (PSOE) has come in as the second most voted party, receiving 5,850 votes. However, their results have dipped from the 2019 elections, where they obtained 21.56% of the votes. In 2024, the socialists have garnered 17.09% of the votes, marking a decrease of 4.47 percentage points.

Vox has experienced a similar situation, being the third most voted party but with poorer results than in 2019. In the previous elections, Vox garnered 4,897 votes, representing 13.49% of the votes. In 2024, they have received 4,108 votes, equivalent to 12%, a decrease of 1.49 points.

A new political force, the Agrupación de Electores «Se Acabó la Fiesta,» has emerged in Majadahonda, securing 5.85% of the votes, which amounts to 2,007 votes. SUMAR, on the other hand, has obtained 1,045 votes, representing 2.33%.

Podemos has faced a significant loss of support, dropping from 5.91% in 2019 to 1.77% in 2024, with a total of 609 votes compared to the 2,146 in the previous election. Ciudadanos (Cs) has experienced an even more notable decrease, plummeting from 23.64% to 1.22%, a reduction of 22.42 points. In absolute terms, Cs has only garnered 420 votes in 2024, in contrast to the 8,580 in 2019.

The Partido Animalista Contra el Maltrato Animal (PACMA) has secured 172 votes, marking a decrease of 0.64 percentage points. In 2019, PACMA obtained 1.14% of the votes, while in 2024, they have received 0.50%.

Overall, the recent European elections in Majadahonda have showcased significant shifts in support for various political parties, with the PP emerging as the clear winner in the municipality.