Existe Fails to Secure Seat in European Parliament: Guitarte Affirms Commitment to Defending Teruel and Spain’s Empty Regions

In a disappointing turn of events, Tomás Guitarte, the number 1 candidate for the coalition Existe, expressed his regret over the party’s failure to secure any seats in the European elections. Despite this outcome, Guitarte emphasized that their efforts were driven by a sense of moral obligation to fight for Teruel, Aragón, and Spain’s depopulated areas.

Guitarte stated, «We have taken a step forward, we have completed a stage that we felt obligated to try. We had the moral obligation to try everything in defense of Teruel, Aragón, and the empty Spain. We wanted it to be known that in today’s Spain there are problems that can be solved.»

Regarding the voting trends, Guitarte acknowledged the challenge of breaking the polarization that has dominated political life, especially during these elections. Despite the setback, he highlighted the coalition’s success in establishing connections with political groups across Spain.

«This coalition has allowed us to engage with political parties from all over Spain. It is a project that we hope will consolidate because we can provide a political space that seeks to break the polarization that harms this country so much,» Guitarte explained.

While recognizing the difficulty of their endeavor, Guitarte remained optimistic about the coalition’s future prospects. He affirmed, «We knew it was difficult, but we knew it was an obligation we had. And this coalition paves a path that will take us far in the future.»

In conclusion, Existe’s journey in the European elections may not have yielded immediate results, but Guitarte’s unwavering dedication to representing the interests of Teruel, Aragón, and Spain’s depopulated regions remains a testament to the ongoing struggle for recognition and change in the political landscape.