Jake Gyllenhaal Reveals He is «Legally Blind» and How It Helps Him in His Career

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Jake Gyllenhaal opened up about his vision problems and how they have actually benefitted his career as an actor. The star of «Brokeback Mountain» arrived at the interview wearing thick corrective lenses, explaining that his vision issues have helped him in various aspects of his work.

Gyllenhaal, 43, has been wearing intensive corrective lenses since he was six years old. Although he was born with a lazy eye that naturally corrected over time, he still considers himself «legally blind.» The actor shared that he has used his vision impairment to his advantage, particularly during challenging scenes like one in the film «Southpaw» where he removed his contacts to enhance his hearing.

The actor also discussed his past experiences with bullies due to his thick glasses as a child, recalling how they made him feel different from others. Despite the challenges he faced, Gyllenhaal has remained committed to giving back and supporting organizations like New Eyes For The Needy, which provides glasses to those in need.

Aside from his acting career, Gyllenhaal is currently preparing for a Broadway production of «Othello» in 2025, working with a professor from Columbia University to help him absorb the text. Despite his struggles with dyslexia, the actor remains dedicated to honing his craft and overcoming obstacles in his path.

Jake Gyllenhaal’s candid revelations about his vision and how it has shaped his life and career serve as a reminder that embracing one’s differences can lead to unexpected opportunities and successes.