FIAT Mirafiori, the authorized dealership for FIAT, has opened its doors in Valencia, offering the people of Carabobo the opportunity to purchase new cars with financing plans. The Italian brand FIAT is making a comeback in the country with three exciting models: Argo Trekking, Cronos, and Mobi Trekking. Mirafiori Motors, the largest dealership network, is providing three flexible financing plans with terms ranging from 34 to 48 months and initial options starting from 30% to 50%.

These vehicles, assembled with robotic technology, ensure excellence in their manufacturing and offer a sporty touch. Daniel Castillo, the general manager of Mirafiori Motors, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, «A dream comes true as FIAT returns to Venezuela with comprehensive after-sales service, backed by a brand that has made its mark in the country. At Mirafiori Motors, we aim to lead the market and provide the best option to our customers. We invite you to explore our financing plans.»

The presence of FIAT in the city presents an opportunity for the people of Carabobo to drive quality vehicles with payment facilities. The inauguration event was attended by special guests, the Mirafiori Motors team, and the media.

In addition to offering financing plans, FIAT Mirafiori is also introducing a special maintenance package for customers purchasing new vehicles. This package includes regular servicing, discounts on spare parts, and priority scheduling for appointments. The goal is to ensure that customers not only have access to new cars but also receive ongoing support and maintenance services to keep their vehicles running smoothly.

Furthermore, FIAT Mirafiori is planning to host a series of events and test drive opportunities in Valencia to allow potential customers to experience the performance and features of the new models firsthand. These events will also serve as a platform for customers to interact with experts and learn more about the technology and design aspects of the vehicles.

Overall, the opening of FIAT Mirafiori in Valencia represents a significant milestone for the automotive industry in the region. With a focus on quality, affordability, and customer service, FIAT is poised to make a strong comeback and establish itself as a leading brand in the market. Whether you’re looking for a compact city car or a versatile crossover, FIAT Mirafiori has something to offer for every type of driver. Visit the dealership today to explore the latest models and financing options available.