UD LAS PALMAS | Víctor Afonso and ‘Orlandito’ Suárez Address the ‘Carrión Case’: ‘UD Las Palmas Should Not Wait for Any Coach’

To wait or not to wait. The vertigo of patience. Two icons of UD Las Palmas like Víctor Afonso (287 games in yellow and three promotions) and Orlando Suárez (391 games, two promotions) who serve as coordinators in the Tenth Campus Vitolo, do not view the club’s wait for Luis Carrión favorably – the choice of sports director Luis Helguera and currently participating in the promotion playoff with Real Oviedo. «UD should not wait for any coach,» these two legends of the modern era of UD agree. «From my point of view, and I don’t know if that’s the information you have [when asked about the convenience of waiting for Carrión], the fact of waiting could be prolonged if Oviedo reaches the final, another month. Managing a club is not just about arriving and signing a contract; you have to plan the preseason, prepare the training camp, and the friendly matches,» Afonso advances. He insists on the importance of prior analysis of the raw materials. «It is necessary to analyze the incoming players. From my point of view, UD should not wait, also, look at the position Las Palmas is in [a team in the top category], they should not wait for any coach,» Afonso emphasizes, who coached Las Palmas Atlético and played in a promotion playoff to the Second Division – a milestone in the history of the ‘vela chica’. For his part, Orlandito Suárez fully shares Afonso’s speech. «The season’s planning must be done with the highest degree of preparation. As soon as possible. Tie the loose ends you have to tie and not wait until the last minute, to do things in a rush. From my point of view, it is not the most ideal way to start a course and form a squad. Then it is necessary to form the coaching staff, review the signings, the people you want as technical support,» determines the former UD captain and third highest scorer in the club’s history. For this forward of the era, «things cannot be done under a climate of urgency and then there are consequences.» Starting the 24-25 league season irregularly can raise the atmosphere of nervousness. «If things start badly, you can be criticized for arriving late. They will remind you of that. Those little things, it may be that the club has no other option, and I imagine that if they wait so long it’s for a reason.» Established Event Children from 5 to 15 years old and limited spots. «The most social and most supportive camp.» Emilio Santana, the logistics manager and main coordinator, revealed this morning at the Casa del Hierro that there are 600 registered participants. A record number in Europe. Víctor Machín, father of the former international player for UD, Atlético, Sevilla, and Getafe, also highlighted the effort to help the neediest families. The venues are Alfonso Silva, Arucas, Carrizal, San Pedro Mártir, Melenara, Puerto del Rosario, Tuineje, and Arrecife. The sports-training event starts on June 24 and ends on August 2 – from Monday to Friday and with hours from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Registration and all relevant information are available on the campusvitolo.es website. Juan Carlos Socorro is the sports director, and Víctor Afonso and Orlando Suárez serve as sports coordinators. This luxury cast of trainers is completed by Toni Robaina.