San Juan is one of the most anticipated nights in Galicia and is celebrated in various locations throughout Spain. If you’re looking to start the summer season with a unique plan, here are four destinations in Spain where you can experience San Juan like never before by flying from Santiago.

Alicante is one of the best destinations to travel to from Santiago to enjoy a magical San Juan night. The Hogueras de San Juan celebrations in Alicante were declared of International Tourist Interest in 1983 and Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2014. In addition to the official city festivities, there are parades, floral offerings, and the Mascletá, a pyrotechnic display combining lights and sound for an unforgettable visual and auditory experience.

Have you ever visited the Costa del Sol during San Juan? If not, this could be the perfect destination. In Málaga, it is a tradition to have outdoor barbecues, known as moragas, where locals and visitors gather to grill sardines and other fish. Jumping over bonfires and taking a midnight swim are also common customs.

Valencia’s beaches are filled with bonfires to celebrate San Juan. It is a tradition to jump over the fires three times to attract good luck and purify the soul. Many people also take a midnight dip in the sea to ensure health and ward off negative energy. The festivities include fireworks, traditional dances, and plenty of music.

Sant Joan is one of the most popular celebrations in Barcelona. The arrival of the Flama del Canigó, a never-ending flame symbolizing the renewal and continuity of Catalan traditions, marks the beginning of the festivities. The beaches become the center of the celebrations with bonfires and fireworks lighting up the night sky. Outdoor concerts, dances, and the tradition of jumping over fire or swimming in the sea are all part of the festivities.

These are just four cities where you can enjoy a special San Juan celebration. Have you ever been to any of them? If not, consider adding them to your travel bucket list for an unforgettable San Juan experience. Explore the unique traditions, lively atmospheres, and cultural significance of celebrating San Juan in these vibrant Spanish cities. Plan your trip from Santiago and immerse yourself in the magic of this summer celebration.