Madrid City Council Presents the Final Four of Dreams at the Madrid Arena

The Madrid City Council has unveiled the Final Four of the Liga LEB Oro at the Madrid Arena. Just hours before the opening tip-off at the center circle of the Madrid Arena, the event was presented at the City Council. The event was attended by the Spanish Basketball Federation and Movistar Estudiantes to reveal the key details of an event that will fill the stands of the Madrid Arena with the second spot for promotion to the Liga Endesa at stake.

The Liga LEB Oro’s Final Four reaches its sixth edition this season, making its debut in the capital city for the first time. The event will determine the second and final promotion spot to the Liga Endesa. The tournament will take place at the Madrid Arena on Saturday, 8th, and Sunday, 9th, featuring four teams: Movistar Estudiantes, Grupo Ureta Tizona, Longevida San Pablo, and ICG Força Lleida.

The presentation took place on Friday morning at the City Council’s auditorium in the Palacio de Cibeles, kicking off an event that will bring basketball to the streets of Madrid over the weekend. This highly anticipated event will draw four fan bases to the Madrid Arena, eager to support their teams in the quest for promotion.

Elisa Aguilar, President of the Spanish Basketball Federation, highlighted the growing importance of the Final Four in national basketball, emphasizing the event’s value both in terms of competition and as a social celebration of basketball. She expressed gratitude to Madrid for its support and commitment to hosting this major male competition, wishing all four teams the best of luck for the weekend.

Ignacio Triana, President of Movistar Estudiantes, expressed affection for the competition, hoping to leverage it as a stepping stone for their return to the Liga Endesa. He acknowledged the high quality of the event, but expressed a bittersweet feeling about potentially leaving the LEB Oro, expressing a desire to follow it closely from another category.

Lastly, Sonia Cea, Councilor for Sports at the Madrid City Council, welcomed the four teams and expressed support for both the event and the local team. She emphasized Madrid’s status as the World Capital of Sports and expressed gratitude to Elisa for her dedication to the city’s sports. With dreams coming true in Madrid this year, she expressed hope for a successful weekend and wished luck to all three teams, while hinting at a celebration with Movistar Estudiantes if they secure promotion.