PP Wins European Elections in Asturias with Less than Two Points Difference from PSOE

The Popular Party (PP) has emerged victorious in the European elections in Asturias by obtaining 36.79% of the votes, closely followed by the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party (PSOE) with 35.18% of the votes, and Vox with 9.92%, as per the data released by the Ministry of Interior with 99.54% of the votes counted.

The PP secured 155,750 votes, an increase of 56,000 votes compared to the previous European elections, while the PSOE garnered 148,271 votes, losing over 52,000 votes. Vox managed to gain an additional 3,000 votes in Asturias compared to 2019.

In fourth place, Sumar received 5.97% of the votes (25,117 votes), followed by Podemos with 3.792% (16,023 votes). Together, they lost over 35,000 votes compared to the united candidacy of 2019. The candidacy of Alvise Pérez ‘Se acabó la fiesta’ secured 13,931 votes, representing 3.29%.

Euro MPs from Asturias

The socialist Jonás Fernández and the popular Susana Solís will continue to be the only Euro MPs representing Asturias in the European Parliament following the elections held on Sunday. The PP emerged as the most voted party in the country, securing 34.18% of the votes, four points ahead of the PSOE.

With nearly all votes counted, the PP gained 22 Euro MPs, nine more than before, while the PSOE retained twenty seats, one less than previously.

In Asturias, the PP secured 36.84% of the votes, double its result from five years ago, while the PSOE came in second with 35.14% of the votes, with 99.80% of the ballots counted.

Jonás Fernández, who has been a member of the European Parliament for ten years, is part of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats group. Susana Solís Pérez, an engineer by profession, secured her seat in the previous legislature with Ciudadanos and is now part of the Renew Europe group, contributing to various committees.

After announcing her departure from Ciudadanos and joining the Popular Party, Solís Pérez secured the fifteenth spot on the popular party’s list, ensuring her presence in the European Parliament for a second term.