Niger Accuses Benin of Kidnapping Its Citizens – Exclusive Report

In a shocking turn of events, Niger has accused its neighbor Benin of kidnapping its citizens who were overseeing the loading of crude oil onto a Chinese vessel at the Seme-Kpodji port. The kidnapped individuals are still being held captive by Benin authorities, as reported by the National Council for the Safeguard of the Homeland (CNSP) established in Niger after the July 2023 coup.

Niger has vowed to take all necessary measures to secure the release of its abducted citizens, protect their rights, and safeguard the crucial interests of the country, according to sources from the CNSP. On the other hand, Porto Novo has stated that two Nigerien citizens arrested in their nation arrived with falsified documents and are not employees of the mentioned company in any way.

However, the authorities from the northwestern African state claim that the vice-director general of Wapco-Niger, Aminu Jadisatu Ibra, along with four other executives from the company, were kidnapped in Benin. The Nigerien government has accused Benin’s President, Patrice Talon, of allowing continuous violations of the agreement regarding oil transportation.

Furthermore, Niger’s Prime Minister, Ali Majaman Lamin Zein, has accused the neighboring country of hosting US military bases where terrorist groups are being trained to destabilize Niger, which is a landlocked nation. In early May, Porto Novo banned tankers from entering its territorial waters to collect oil from the newly constructed pipeline that runs from Niger to export terminals in the Gulf of Guinea.

Despite this ban, on May 15th, Beninese authorities permitted a Chinese tanker, whose National Oil and Gas Corporation was involved in building the 1,980-kilometer pipeline, to enter their territorial waters. The spokesperson for the CNSP, Colonel Amadou Abdramane, emphasized the importance of abiding by the three key agreements regulating the transportation of Nigerien crude for export through Benin.

According to these agreements, no party is allowed to disrupt the normal operation of the transportation system under any circumstances. «Not even a potential conflict between Niger and Benin can legally justify an obstruction in the transportation system,» clarified Colonel Abdramane.

This escalating tension between Niger and Benin raises concerns about the stability of the region and the future of oil transportation agreements. The international community is closely monitoring the situation as both countries navigate this diplomatic crisis.


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The accusations made by Niger against Benin have stirred up a diplomatic dispute that could have far-reaching consequences for both nations. As the situation unfolds, it is crucial for all parties involved to prioritize dialogue and peaceful resolution to avoid further escalation of tensions. The international community plays a key role in mediating conflicts and upholding agreements that promote stability and cooperation in the region.