VisionOS 2: The Latest Update for Vision Pro Introduces Impressive Virtual Curved 4K Dual Monitor

One year after the release of Vision Pro, which has only been available in the market for four months, Apple has unveiled the first major update for visionOS, its operating system, as the first announcement of WWDC 2024.

**Why It Matters**
Augmented reality is Apple’s strategic focus, and the operating system for Vision Pro is crucial for its future. The initial version was impressive but also had some issues that needed to be addressed.

**What’s New**
visionOS 2 introduces some interesting features:
– Photos: Existing photos can now be automatically converted to spatial photos with visual depth for an immersive experience similar to spatial videos.
– SharePlay can now be used remotely to view photo slideshows with someone who is far away using the People app.
– More hand gestures: Hand gestures such as raising your hand to open the home screen, rotating your hand to view the time and battery level, and more.
– Expanded Mac display: The display now covers a much larger visual field, equivalent to two 4K monitors side by side.
– Travel mode for trains: Previously available only for airplanes, this mode deactivates some sensors to ensure proper functionality when in motion.
– Mouse support: Cursor support has been added in addition to external keyboard compatibility.
– New environment: Bora Bora can now be added as a background for a virtual experience.
– HealthKit integration: The ‘Health’ app is now available on Vision Pro.
– Guest mode memory: Guest profiles no longer need to be calibrated repeatedly.
– AirPlay receiver: Vision Pro can now receive video signals via AirPlay.
– Customized home screen layout.

One of the most interesting updates is the expanded Mac monitor, which enhances productivity with a dual 4K display option.

Canon and Blackmagic are now strategic partners with Apple, with Canon launching a special lens for spatial video recording and Blackmagic releasing cameras and software for immersive video editing.

The release date for visionOS 2 has not been announced by Apple yet, but it is expected to be revealed in early September, following the pattern of previous years.

**In Conclusion**
The latest update to visionOS for Vision Pro introduces significant enhancements and partnerships that will further enhance the user experience and productivity.


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