Operation Leads to Capture of Drug Traffickers Who Posted Videos of Drug Shipments on TikTok

A joint operation between the Police Antinarcotics Directorate and the Prosecutor’s Office led to the dismantling of a drug trafficking organization known as ‘los Morochos’. A total of seven people were arrested by judicial orders in the departments of Cundinamarca, Huila, and Caquetá.

Among the detainees was the alleged leader of the criminal organization, Wilson Correa Zapata, alias el Viejo, who authorities say maintained a low profile and was only visible during clandestine meetings to coordinate drug shipments. Also captured was Víctor Manuel Marroquín Marulanda, alias Narizón, who was reportedly in charge of organizing meetings and served as the second in command.

According to the Police, Marroquín coordinated logistics for hotels and vehicles and ensured that there were enough men to carry out the operations. The organization’s meetings were held in public places in a municipality in Caquetá.

The investigation to dismantle the illegal network took two years, during which investigators intercepted calls and conducted surveillance on individuals, allowing them to track each of their movements. In addition to the capture of the seven alleged members of the criminal network, nearly 2 tons of marijuana were seized, valued at 20,000,000,000 pesos and intended to be sent to Brazil via the Cauca-Caquetá-Brazil route.

Authorities determined that some members of the criminal network posted videos on the social media platform TikTok, showcasing how they trafficked marijuana and documenting the packaging process. One particular moment that caught the attention of investigators was when a shipment was seized and a member of the network was arrested, another member uploaded a video on TikTok with the audio: «Boss, our plan failed.»

According to the Police Antinarcotics, it was unprecedented to see individuals «trafficking drugs and making these types of posts on social media.»

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