China’s Efforts to Strengthen Economic Ties with Brazil and Pakistan

BEIJING (AP) — The relationship between China and Brazil serves as a model for promoting solidarity and cooperation among emerging economies, Chinese President Xi Jinping emphasized on Friday during a meeting with Brazilian Vice President Geraldo Alckmin.

During the meeting, Alckmin expressed his hope for many Chinese companies to participate in a government infrastructure program in Brazil, which includes railway, energy, port, and airport projects. China has been seeking to deepen ties with Brazil, Russia, and other countries to counterbalance the dominance of the United States in international affairs.

Later on, Xi welcomed Pakistani Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif in Beijing, where he reiterated China’s willingness to work with Islamabad to build an enhanced version of an economic corridor linking both countries.

Sharif pledged to ensure the security of Chinese workers in Pakistan, according to a report on their meeting published online by state broadcaster CCTV. The report mentioned that Sharif offered his government’s condolences for the death of five Chinese engineers in a suicide bombing in Pakistan in March. The engineers were working on a dam project in the South Asian country.

Towards the end of a five-day visit, the Pakistani Prime Minister made his first trip to China since his election in March. The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor includes the construction and improvement of roads and railway systems to connect the Xinjiang region in western China with the Gwadar port on the Arabian Sea. It is part of Xi’s Belt and Road Initiative to boost trade by constructing infrastructure worldwide.

Xi expressed his hope that Pakistan will ensure the security of Chinese personnel and projects, as reported by CCTV.

___This story was translated from English by an AP editor with the assistance of a generative artificial intelligence tool.