Exciting News for Gamers: New Fable Trailer Breaks the Saga’s Curse and Teases a Blockbuster Game with Release Window

In a thrilling turn of events, the long-awaited new installment of Fable seems to have hit the mark just right. The game showcased its strength at the Xbox Games Showcase 2024, where it captivated the audience with a new trailer that even confirmed a release window: 2025. This upcoming release will mark our return to Albion after eight years since our last visit, led by Playground Games rather than Lionhead Studio (rest in peace). The creators of the Forza Horizon series have made a bold shift from racing to RPG, and based on the trailers released so far, it seems to have paid off splendidly.

The Fable game from Playground maintains the series’ unique sense of humor, impressive graphics, and blends the mundane aspects of the Middle Ages with the beauty and fantasy of fairy tales. Elves, mud, dreamy landscapes, sexual innuendos, otherworldly beings, blood, and betrayal – it’s a fantastic mix.

The Curse of the Fable Saga
For those familiar with the Xbox universe, there was a time when Microsoft’s big trio consisted of Halo, Gears, and Fable, showcasing the significance of the British franchise that also elevated Peter Molyneux and Lionhead Studios. However, following Fable 3’s release in 2010, the series began to be overexploited and lost its direction. Molyneux departed, Lionhead closed its doors, and the franchise seemed cursed, with each new release destined to fail.
– Fable Heroes (2012) – Metacritic score of 55 / MeriStation review
– Fable The Journey (2012) – Metacritic score of 61 / MeriStation review
– Fable Legends (2013) – Cancelled
– Fable Anniversary (2014) – Metacritic score of 68 / MeriStation review
– Fable Fortune (2017) – Metacritic score of 63 / MeriStation review

The revival of Fable would be a fantastic development for Xbox RPG fans, demonstrating Playground’s prowess as one of the company’s top studios, turning everything they touch into gold. We can’t wait to explore their version of Albion.