Denmark Seeks Spanish Workers Offering Salaries of 65,000 Euros

In a bid to attract Spanish workers, Denmark stands out as one of the countries in the European Union with the highest salaries, second only to Luxembourg. The European Employment Services (EURES) network, in coordination with the State Public Employment Service (SEPE), has recently released a total of 2,784 job offers for employment in the country. Spaniards can work in Denmark without the need for a visa.

Denmark boasts one of the lowest unemployment rates in the eurozone, standing at 5.8% as of April 2024. This makes finding employment considerably easier compared to other eurozone countries, with Spain’s unemployment rate at 11.7%.

With an average salary of 65,506 euros per year, equating to 5,459 euros per month based on 12 annual payments, Denmark’s pay scale has seen a 3.82% increase from the previous year. This marks a 116.64% difference from Spain’s average annual salary of 30,237 euros or 2,520 euros per month based on 12 annual payments.

To access these job opportunities, applicants must meet the requirements outlined in the job postings. While many positions do not require fluency in the native language, Danish, it is highly recommended to have a good command of it.

How to Secure Employment in Denmark

EURES, in collaboration with SEPE, has published 2,784 vacancies, including 2,180 full-time positions with indefinite or temporary contracts, 599 part-time roles, and 5 unspecified work schedules. Some of the latest job offerings include:

– Train composition manager at a hot dog delicatessen in Copenhagen.
– Customer service agent in Copenhagen.
– Advertising space salesperson in Galo.
– Primary education teacher.
– Moving truck driver.
– Pizza restaurant cook.
– Carpenter for a wood factory.
– Social work professionals.
– Home care technician.
– Domestic workers.
– Nurses.

Each job listing specifies the salary in Danish crowns, the official currency of Denmark, which roughly translates to around 7.5 Danish crowns per euro.

What You Need to Work in Denmark

Spanish workers do not require a visa to work in Denmark; a passport or ID card is sufficient. Additionally, no prior administrative authorization or permit is necessary. However, it is recommended to carry the European Health Insurance Card for medical assistance, a driver’s license, criminal record certificate (if working with minors or in security), translated academic qualifications, work and bank references, and some initial funds until the first salary payment.

SEPE offers the option to continue receiving unemployment benefits in Denmark. To do so, individuals must have been registered as job seekers in Spain for at least 4 weeks, apply for benefit exportation from SEPE before departure, and obtain the U2 form.

Upon arrival in Denmark, registering as a job seeker at the International Citizen Service (ICS) within the first 7 days is crucial. Unemployment benefits are exportable for 3 months, extendable for another 3 months if Danish requirements are met.