The Commission for Good Treatment of the Center for Health Emergencies has conducted two training courses in collaboration with the Iavante Foundation for professionals in emergency care. The Health Emergency Center 061 in Andalusia has coordinated and participated in the design of two training courses aimed at ‘Comprehensive Care with a multicultural perspective for women experiencing abuse’ and ‘Comprehensive care for women experiencing abuse in rural areas’.

Both courses were promoted by the Directorate General of Public Health and Pharmaceutical Regulation of the Ministry of Health and Consumption and were managed by IAVANTE (Progress and Health Foundation), under the direction of the regional head of the Good Treatment Commission of the Health Emergency Center 061 and a doctor at the provincial 061 center in Cádiz, Ascensión Martín. Israel Bellanato, a doctor at 061 in Huelva, and Mª Ángeles Mendoza, a nurse at 061 in Cádiz, also participated in the design and coordination. The working group consisted of professionals from various disciplines such as pedagogy, social work, gynecology and obstetrics, psychology, nursing, medicine, and sociocultural mediation.

For the Ministry of Health and Consumption, specialized training for emergency healthcare professionals is essential to provide comprehensive and sensitive care to women experiencing gender-based violence in any setting. Equipping personnel with skills in detection, intervention, and emotional support helps identify signs of abuse, providing a safe and understanding environment for victims. This preparation not only improves the quality of healthcare but also empowers women, facilitating their access to support and protection resources. Investing in the education of these professionals is crucial to break the cycle of violence and end this social scourge.

In the design of these courses, the group drew from a previous experience conducted at the Health Emergency Center 061, where professionals from 061 were trained in this field between 2017 and 2020. This initiative had the support of the management team and the effort of the entire Good Treatment Commission, whose members, especially Dr. Caridad Petri from 061 in Malaga, contributed their knowledge and work directly or indirectly in the design.

The courses were aimed at nursing and medical professionals working in emergency care, primarily those in Primary Care emergency services. The students of both courses began with a virtual phase, where they acquired basic knowledge through podcasts and videos, leading to the in-person phase where clinical simulation was the focus. This allowed them to have a practical experience through role-playing based on real cases portrayed by specially trained actors and actresses.